Lingerie is a French term that means “garment.” What then is lingerie? Lingerie are alluring and women’s underpants. The lingerie definition even includes sleepwear, bras, panties, and other intimate items of female apparel worn by most women.


The lingerie market is worth billions of dollars annually. Much of this money is generated by high-end fashion brands that produce and/or manufacture lingerie. Some high end brands include Burberry, Dior, D&G, and Dacor. These brands have formed the foundation of the modern lingerie market. Others, like Unconditional, Victoria’s Secret, Baci, Cult, Elan International, MiracleSuit, and Wildfire, have helped to popularize the low priced basics of lingerie.

As mentioned earlier, many women’s underwear are now made from fabrics that are considered cutting edge, high fashion, or both. One example is seamless bras from L’Oreal. These bras are not only highly functional and comfortable, but they are also constructed of such fine fabrics as silk and satin. Silicone has become an increasingly popular choice in fabric because it is both smooth and elastic. Womens seamless bras are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Many of these bras are designed to be highly functional, meaning that they make wearing womens underwear easy and comfortable.

Another type of intimate apparel that you may not have heard about is called lingerie nylons. They are similar to pantyhose, except they are more like slip on or fit over pants. This type of intimate clothing became popular in the 1970s, but was actually developed in France. It consists of a pantyhose-like top, pantyline, ribbons, and underpants. The main difference between this type of lingerie and typical gym wear is the fact that lingerie nylons are actually worn outside the body. It can feel comfortable and look fashionable under your clothing.

Intimate lingerie can also be made from two different fabrics – nylon and silk. Nylon lingerie is available in a variety of weights and styles. It is generally less expensive and can be found at department stores and lingerie boutiques. Silk is another popular fabric. It is usually blended with cotton to create silk fabrics, and used in some of the most luxurious lingerie. Women who prefer the feel of lace will like the smooth feel of silk, while those who want sheer silk will find nylon lace lingerie to be more supportive and comfortable.

Many couples enjoy the combination of silk and cotton, or nylon and satin as they enjoy their intimate apparel. There are even a variety of lingerie styles that combine fabrics from different materials with lace or other embellishments. A nice example of this would be the baby doll lingerie that is available in all sizes of infant to a size 4. No matter the kind of lingerie you prefer, it is easy to find the style that will make you feel and look sexy.