What is fashion? Fashion is a word often used to refer to the culture, time and energy that goes into putting together outfits and ideas to create new looks and styles. Fashion is not just about what you put on but also how you put it on. Lingerie for women can tell you a lot about the person wearing it. You could say that the way a woman dresses, accessorizes and moves throughout the day says a lot about her personality.


What is lingerie then? Lingerie are alluring and women’s undergarment. They can also be stylish and as versatile as any other piece of clothing. The lingerie definition involves all other articles of intimate clothing worn by modern women, particularly those of the 20th century.

So the lingerie category is quite broad indeed. In fact, it includes so much more than undergarments in particular. It may be that lingerie is considered all of these things plus more. Some fashionistas would say that French women have perfected the art of wearing lingerie. Well, that may be so. Nevertheless, the French language does have a word for it; the word corsets which means loose fitting under garments.

Corsets came from the French term for cuir boned – meaning ‘hard leather’. This type of undergarment was first worn in the early Middle Ages with the intent of concealing the bosom, but over time it evolved into the bridal lingerie of today. Corsets were originally made from leather but in recent times they are now made from silk, satin or mesh – although some women still prefer the authentic leather look. Today, Corsets still come in various shapes and sizes and there is no shortage of styles, colors or materials – making it easy to find the perfect one for your special-occasion lingerie.

Another example of a lingerie item from the French is the corset. A corset was designed to be a very tight fitting garment which mimics the form fitting garment that was originally worn in the Victorian era. These days, corsets are not just a visual pleasure; they can also be a functional piece of lingerie making it an ideal choice for undergarments for the modern woman. However, they still can be very uncomfortable to wear at first; so if you have never tried one on before, a comfortable and beautiful corset may be a great alternative to the heavy undergarment of the past.

French lingerie is not just bras and panties; there are other intimate apparel pieces that can be found made in France. The most common pieces are chemises and camisoles which can either be short or long length and either laced or free flow. You can also find lingerie that is not usually thought of as being lingerie such as corsets and chemises. Regardless of what type of lingerie you are looking for, it is very possible to find something to fit your needs and personal taste in the French fashion industry.